Repairs for the Working Musician

I found a jewel of a place for working musicians to get their stuff repaired at rates that we can live with. This place is in Reidsville, NC; and the repairs are top-notch: the best around. Whether you need your Instrument repaired, adjusted or modified, or whether you need your electronic equipment diagnosed and fixed, or if you need your amp repaired or even a custom-built amplifier; this is the place to go. Don’t mess around anywhere else because this is top-quality workmanship at way, way reasonable prices. The place I’m talking about is Musician’s Tech Services at 113 S. Scales Street in Downtown Reidsville, NC and the man who runs it (and does the work) is Joel S. Maynard. His phone is (336) 932-0281.

Let me tell you about my experience. I have a beloved old jazz-master from decades ago, which I have played until the frets have deep, deep grooves under the strings. Now jazz-masters have a fabulous neck that is sensitive and you can’t just go in and ‘pull teeth’ willy-nilly, so I began asking around to other players who I could trust my guitar-repair with and one name began to emerge as the consensual favorite, above any other: Joel down in Reidsville.

Well, in the mean-time, I had an old ‘vintage’ amp that I use in gigs, to go bad on me and decided to call Joel about a timely repair (I contacted him Monday, needing it by Friday night). He said to bring it in and he could look at it right away, so I decided to bring it in. I found the place located on the upper end of a picturesque ‘Main Street America’ type of area, sort of sandwiched in between solid old architecture from another era. Parking was a breeze, especially considering that it was right there in front on downtown main-street. I hoisted my amp out of the car and walked the few feet to the tiny store-front. Pushing the door open, I found a rather narrow but longish interior separated into three open compartments; in single-file, one behind the other. Up front was crowded with amp-cabinets and other intriguing stuff while behind that was the even more intriguing compartment two -with even more PA and assorted stuff. Finally, perched in the work-bench area at the back was the head wood-wright his-own-self. What an affable guy! We talked happily and he offered me references as to his qualifications while we staked out a plan to fix my amp.

Now, those of you who keep up with these posts may already be aware that some years ago, we survived a fire which ruined a lot of equipment, etc.; and this particular amp, while not unaffected had been able to be used after the fire. But it was kind of brown with creosote and fuzzy inside from household insulation that fell down on top of everything when the firemen put the fire out by drenching it in water. Joel did not turn the amp down but cheerfully accepted the project. To my surprise, I received a call the next morning saying that my amp was ready and I could come by and pick it up. What a change in my loveable old amp! Joel had cleaned it up and I could read the numbers on the knobs again. Everything worked perfectly as if new and still does to this day. While we were talking about what all he had done to the amp, Joel got a gleam in his eye and shared that up inside of it he had removed the ‘biggest rat’s nest he had ever seen’. Well, that’s what I get for storing it in the barn while my house was re-built after the fire!